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Off The Charts: What I learned From My Almost Fabulous Life In Music

Launched February 9th 2021


Follow your dreams. Always be yourself. And, whatever you do, never date a rock star !



What I Learned From My Almost Fabulous Life In Music




So you want to make it as a singer-songwriter?

Kat Goldman has been there, almost to the very top, and now she’s back with sage advice and hilarious behind-the-scenes stories from a lifetime of toil in the dive bars and legendary venues of the contemporary music scene. Learn what it’s like to meet your first fan, date a rock star (never again!), perform in a grocery store, and rebuild your career after getting hit by a car in a bagel shop. Feel the sting of rejection and rampant sexism, and the thrill of writing a hit song and performing with your idols. Off the Charts is a whimsical, uproarious tour through a fickle business that never seems to repay what performers put into it, and one woman’s highly intimate account of how she made the best of almost making it.


Featuring a sparkling set of original illustrations by the award-winning Nina Berkson. KAT GOLDMAN is one of Canada’s most celebrated songwriters. She has made four critically acclaimed albums and her songs have been covered by Grammy-nominated band, The Duhks, and American folk hero Dar Williams, among many others. She lives in Toronto. This is her first book.


Read the full article Q / A with Kat Goldman for Sutherland House below.

Where does a song come from? How do you begin to answer a question that enigmatic?
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A Wild and Witty Musical Memoir
Kat Goldman chats on Chicago's popular podcast 'Car Con Carne' hosted by James VanOsdol.

FALL 2020 170 Pages, 6” x 9” Hardcover $22.95 USD $24.95 CAD 9781989555323

Biography & Autobiography / Music Performing Arts / General Humor / General




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